CPSC Table Saw Update

The high rates of severe table saw accidents and the inaction of the power tools industry have caused the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to get involved in the atmosphere. The CPSC is currently accepting public comments on their proposal to improve table saw safety through new rules.

This has sparked a massive national debate about the role of the government and such agencies as the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) in these types of matters. The most involved groups are, not surprisingly, those who either work in the wood industry or who have a passion for woodworking. There are ongoing debates across the country and cyber sphere and one thing seems clear: the debate is far from over.

Advocates of more stringent table saw safety regulations argue that there is no reason for table saws to be as dangerous as they are with the currently available technology. Advocacy groups and the CPSC are aware of technology known as SawStop which is able to sense when the blade comes into contact with human flesh and stop in a matter of milliseconds.

This type of table saw technology, the CPSC argues, can prevent the majority of severe lacerations and amputations caused by table saws every year. Although the power tool industry claims that their devices have become more safe over time, the number of table saw injuries and table saw amputations does not appear to be declining – it is actually increasing annually.

Those who argue against stricter regulations include lobbyists for the power tools industry. They argue that forcing manufacturers to include SawStop technology will increase the price of a table saw by $100 which might make table saws prohibitively expensive for many. They argue that the use of such safety technology should be a decision made by the consumer, not the government.

Many professional carpenters and hobbyist woodworkers argue that the operator of a tool like a table saw should respect the equipment and be aware of its inherent power and danger. They believe that the operator is responsible for using the tool in a safe manner. Unfortunately, not all table saw accidents are preventable simply by being more careful.

Things like saw kickback, and some amputations are not easily preventable without technology like SawStop. The CPSC and other advocacy groups are simply trying to take the technology currently available and encouraging the manufacturers to help protect the consumers that sponsor them.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a severe table saw injury such as a finger or hand amputation or any other table saw injury requiring surgery, you are not alone. At our law firm, our table saw injury lawyer experts are standing by waiting to review your potential table saw lawsuit risk free. If you have experienced a severe table saw injury, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the manufacturers of these dangerous products.

Since the introduction of various table saw safety technologies such as SawStop, it is unacceptable that the more dangerous products are still being marketed and sold to unassuming consumers. If there is a technology available that can prevent the majority of table saw injuries, why wouldn’t every manufacturer use it? Please contact our law firm today for a free review of your potential Table Saw Lawsuit. All cases are on a contingency fee basis, which means that you don’t pay anything unless your case is successful.

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